Emerging Tech Maya M.A.S.H

We was tasked this week to use M.A.S.H in Maya and after looking at the different options I chose to do an audio visualisation test as it seemed relatively easy to do. It would also look striking and could align with my interests in what I might want to do as a final project as I used these workshops to experiment to see what I enjoyed the most. For the audio test I used copyright free music found online and the model I imported to be mindful as it is good practice for me to get into.

Setting up the objects to react to music was very simple as the M.A.S.H system is very streamline in modifying the attributes of the amount of cubes and the height so after changing the axis they moved on and increasing the numbers they was ready. When trying to add my audio Maya would not recognise it but following a thread online about the fix and used adobe audition to make audio file work as it needed its bit rate changing for Maya to read it. After getting the music to work I added a sphere what simply scaled with the audio to further test out what the audio visualisation can do. After a short amount of time in Maya I became very comfortable and fluent using the M.A.S.H system as the menus where very easy to navigate.

I also found a free to use model online with simple animations and added it to my scene just to see how they would all interact with each other for if I wanted to make a further more complex version of this later. For rendering since this was a test not a portfolio piece I just kept it 1080p and only rendered 10 seconds of the song as it showed off all the work I did and allowed me to render it in one hour.

This was a fun task but I cannot see myself doing something like this for my final project as I am not sure how I would push this to a high level and also I am more interested in the creative side so I would enjoy more 3D modelling but now I have practised these skills I can see myself at a later point making a small music video of songs I enjoy to add to my portfolio to show diversity in my skills. If I was to make a further project using this system I think I would make a short music video of different genres of music and match the tempo and theme of the music showcasing more niche music genres as this could be could interesting with all of the different visuals.

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