Pixel Art Week 6

This week I had to make a pixel character so I used two different sized canvas’ to see how it looks. First I did a small test with a fantasy background of a cat wizard character with a little cape in a cave full of eyes. Working on a small canvas proposed issues I’ve never faced before like having to think about each pixel and having a limited colour palette. I went for a cute character so I gave him a small face with simple colours, I think it was a good attempt and it took me about 30 mins as I kept moving the outline about so he didn’t look too flat and straight-lined. The next day I did another piece with a much bigger canvas giving me a lot of freedom and I drew the same character again and I could give him shading and multiple colours with variations to make it look like he has depth and more interesting. The second cat-man is easier to understand as he is larger and you can easily tell what is what which is why working on a small canvas is harder as they are so little space so you need to think about every pixel placement.

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