Week 12 Stylisation

We had to make a model sheet in someone else’s style so I chose the work of a painter I follow on Instagram that is schizophrenic and his art is a way to help those around him understand him. I chose him as it seems fun and challenging to take this extreme abstract style and try and make a solid character out of it. First I took images from his Instagram and looked them over looking for similarities and they seem to be a bright harsh colour palette, thick lines, and written text over the paintings.

These are my references.

I made a skeleton character as the painter is doing a series of 100 paintings of skulls and he is a punk character with a badge jacket with a thick black outline, I then chose a bright blue and a more muted red as these seem to be common colours of the artist also adding text to the characters clothes as this artist labels a lot of parts of his drawings as what they are. This task was a harder one as I have never drawn in someones else style but it was fun to study and see what makes art unique to each person. He also does not always colour within the lines so I have my character’s colours break out of the lines sometimes. He is rather messy but I don’t believe a character made by this man would be neat and tidy.

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