Character Design task week 1

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My first test with photoshop

This is my test on photoshop, I kept it basic and a familiar topic of a character from bloodborne as what I was drawing did not matter much as I was learning how to use the software. I learnt how to change brushes, select colours, change smoothness, crop, select using a magic wand and how to add and rename layers. Overall I am proud of this piece, to make it I imported a sketch that I did on paper then used the brush to go over the lines with the mouse as we could not use graphic tablets and then after make another layer and used the magic wand to colour it all in red using the gradient tool then added more colour for different parts. Even though I was just using a mouse I felt that after I drew this piece I could confidently use photoshop and be able to change and locate all of the tools necessary to make a solid piece of art. I came back at the end of the 12 weeks to do another piece to show the growth and confidence upgrade that my art has had. I have a much better understanding of software and colours making my art grow from basic flat design to fun and bright pieces such as this.

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