Photo Manipulation week 2

This is my second time ever using photoshop and my first time doing photo manipulation, First I downloaded my images from Unsplash to make sure they were no copyright issues with my piece then loaded them into photoshop and gave each one a layer and named it as fit. I used the healing brush and had to tackle my first task of getting rid of the man’s head off the body I made the size of the brush large and blended the background in to remove the head then used a smaller brush to do more detail work. Then I cropped the stag and selected it as the subject within the selection menu isolating just the head and enlarging it placing it over the man’s suit, I then blended this in with some light colorwork for the neck of the suit. Once the head is on the suit right I then did the same selection trick with the cigar and blended it so it looks like the stag is smoking it. Then I used filters to help make it look whole, noise is the first filter I used on the horns of the stag that helped with shadow issues when blending. The other filter I used is oil painting and I played around with the settings until I was happy then applied it. Once I was done I exported the image as a png.

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