3D Design: planning


In the first week, our group was mainly focused on planning and during lectures, we were able to come together as a group to discuss ideas. How I came up with the idea of my hero asset, which is a Japanese tea set is I looked at the theme of feudal japan and what I could do with it and I’ve always had an interest in tea sets and tea ceremonies in Japanese culture . I think it makes an interesting hero piece that you are able to put a lot of story and heart into. I wanted to be able to explore different ideas though in case they were any better and came up with some ideas of either a blacksmith hammer that had a leather-wrapped handle and blood runes on the head itself or a family crest to hang above the forge.

Very rough mockups

In the end, I liked the teapot best as I found I could put the most story into it. I started my planning by researching and reading about the history and importance of these tea sets and how they were made. Then on Pinterest, we made a moodboard collecting images of tea sets through the ages and mainly honing in on ones that look very old and handmade and this was also the group Pinterest board for the general theme of japan and blacksmiths.


link to the Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/jjthehedgehog11/environment-design-moodboard/

One of us made the Pinterest board and make it so people can add their own posts and together over the course of the week we added references and inspiration for the hero pieces and the general feel of the room and possible layouts. Then we met up as a group to decide on a story for our environment, and for this we chose that an oni demon has come through a village and pillaged it so inside the blacksmith is in ruins and blood on the floor and also weapons misplaced as they clearly was a struggle.

Tablinstore.info. (2022). [online] Available at: https://www.tablinstore.info/phone/data/tablin/product/20131101_75904a.jpg [Accessed 20 Mar. 2022]. Image used for reference

Concept art:

Then the following week was a critique session, I had built up the plans and ideas I had for my asset, adding additions to my basic idea of a brown tea set with having cracks down the side of some of the cups and having said cracks filled in with fools gold as in japan gold was used to fix cracked objects but this is a poor man’s house. I also want one of the cups not to match as one has broken in the past helping build a more natural feel to this. Lastly, they will be the main mug that will have a drink of matcha in it with steam coming out of the top of the mug and the kettle, and on the pattern of the mug, they will be a thermal pattern that appears with the match of anvils and hammers for a sentimental feel. I want it to be clear that this is clearly an important object to this blacksmith and has been passed down for many years. I then spent some time planning my concept art, this is what I came up with.

Concept Art Chosen

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