Colour & Shape Theory Week 3

This was made in photoshop with colour and shapes in mind. I had a basic idea for a mad doctor style character and to help this come across I used squares and a dark colour pallet to express how rigid and large he is and the dark colours make him seem not a very moral character. I used a strong pose for him with his hands on his hips making himself seem as large as possible. Overall I am proud of this art as I now feel quite comfortable with photoshop now and I feel as if my understanding of character design is stronger. I also included a sketch done during the lecture of me testing out having a character with large shoulders using the square shape to create stability. Characters that take up a lot of space e.g squares and solid stable shapes make people believe that the character is trustworthy, circles are seen as friendly characters as they have no sharp edges so seem very soft and squishy, the last is those who are sharp and angular like triangles who are normally smart characters or evil characters.

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