Point Perspective and Composition Week 4

This week I had to do a one-point perspective drawing in photoshop and I have never done one before so I chose something simple. I knew I had to have a vanishing point that is at the end of the bath and the trees draw your eyes down the path, I used many different brushes to try and give texture which may not have been done well but I learned a lot about using different brushes and going into the settings and changing them to make the brush more or less stable. As this piece was rather weak I did another attempt of a room this time later on in the course to showcase how much my art has grown. As I was redoing the piece I felt as though I had a better understanding of how to put the lines down in such a way to create the illusion and a better understanding of the shape and size of objects. I included a simple sketch on paper I did to help me get a basic understanding before the redo piece. The redo piece shows an understanding of perspective by having objects scale up when closer and shrink when further away.

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