Shading Basics Week 5

This week our task was to create a piece that has shading in it so due to the week being Halloween I did a more spooky and grungy drawing. I have never shaded before this was very out of my comfort zone but I gave it me all anyway. Firstly I found my reference image of two doctors and then did a basic sketch and lined it, then added a basic colour using the magic wand tool and a watercolour brush. Then I added three new layers, one for the blood effect which I used a splatter brush for, one for simple shading around the glasses and adding colour to the skin and the final one was a big overlay to help it look as dark and grungy as I wanted. I have never done a large shaded piece so this was new and interesting, overall I enjoy how grainy the drawing looks and believe they are a sense of depth with the shading which is the main goal so I would class this as a good example.

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